Текст песни Тупака Under Pressure

Текст песни Тупака Шакура - Under Pressure, из третьего альбома — Thug life.

Оригинальный текст:
Hahahaha, under pressure, yeahhh, bay-bayyyy!
The pressure’s on, Thug Life
When it’s on, it’s on
One of these days I’ll, learn, don’t fuck with trick-ass niggaz

Cause they, turn, into bitch-ass niggaz
I’m sick of bein stuck in the county jail
My niggaz clown, bring a pound when they postin bail
Smokin blunts in the driveway, my fo’-five
Screamin, «Fuck the police!» when we fly away, thug ’til I die
You wonder why I’m made this way
I wasn’t, turned out, I was raised this way
I’m thinkin — theeese, are the dreams of a young teen
Scheeeme, to stack cream off of crack fiends
One-time can’t hold me
One of these days, we gotta bust back for the homies
Locked down in the penitentiary
I’ll, probably lose my mind if the pig sentence me
I’m, stressed, smokin weed, and nicotine
But what a nigga really need, is Thorazine
Right before I die I’ll be cursin the law
Reincarnated bitch, even worse than befo’
My fo’-fo’ screamin payback
My underhanded plan to get them niggaz while they laid back
And Big Stretch hit the scene with the mini-14
Servin suckers like dope fiends, empty the whole thing
Under pressure nigga.. haha, that’s right!
Never run, throw your gun in the air, oh yeah!
Nigga bust ain’t no time to spare
Cause the ruckus motherfucker and we fuck shit up
And with the stainless steel ribbon boy we cuttin shit up
Flash then blast a nigga with the quickness
Cock the four pound motherfucker when I spit this and rip this
Damn, my mind is in the depths of hell
But when I’m walking on the street kid my name rings bells
And I never fell, nigga I stand too tall
I’m just a thug motherfucker who was born to brawl
Givin my all, so niggaz wanna bring it to me
So I’ma sell my cocaine, and lay they ass down G
Uhh, under pressure
Yeahhh.. look here though
Runnin wild, I never smiled as a juvenile
Even now I keep a frown when I come around
Don’t ask me ’bout the past, it was all bad
Shots blasted, will I last in the wrong path
In the dark is where my heart saw the most grief
Motherfuckers is gettin shanked over gold teeth
Am I sick, cause I’m addicted to gettin splifted
Watchin stupid-ass tricks get lifted
Nothing’s changed, cause in the game it’s a steady aim
Fuck friends cause in the danger them niggaz change
Puff weed, and stuff G’s in my sock G
Car keys and Hennessy, where the glock be?
Time’s passin, will I last here another day
I put my gun away, and grab my AK
It’s gettin hectic, I can’t call it
House full of alcoholics, now a nigga’s under pressure
Yeah, that’s right
Under pressure nigga, a nigga’s under pressure
[2Pac and Stretch — repeat 11X]
When the pressure’s on, it’s a hit
Ski mask, extra gats, bring the clips
Don’t nobody move when we walk the streets
They stay silent, cause talk is cheap

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